If you wish to have the Association trim your member owned palm trees while we are trimming the Association palms and the common area palm trees, you may come to the office or mail a check. Please return the payment and letter with the # of trees listed.The deadline for payment is May 15, 2022. After that, there will be a $10 late fee per tree.

The fee will be: $45 for the first member owned Tree and $35 for each additional member owned Palm Tree(s) trimmed on the same lot by the Association.

The owner must advise the office if they will trim their palm tree(s). If the owner chooses to trim their own tree, it must be done after the pods sprout. This usually occurs between mid-May and early June. If you trim your own tree, please return the letter with the # of trees and your initials.

Owner tree(s) must be in compliance by the time the palm tree trimming project begins, or the owner shall be billed for the trimming, along with a late fee.

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