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Old Golf Carts For Sale

Hello all, We have two golf carts that will be up for sale using a sealed bid They are both 1998 and both run. Not very well but still run. Cart #8 has a broken exhaust. I have posted pictures and details on Riverview RV Facebook page. Starting bid is $100.00. Come in...

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Important Notice

Hello all, We have put an Important Notice in all of your in-house mailboxes. It reads. Contractors Cannot dump their trash in our dumpsters. If you are caught allowing a contractor to do this, action will be taken. First offence will be $100.00 fine assessed to your...

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Admin news

Hello All, We are having All the olive trees on property trimmed. Starting 2/22/2022 Tuesday with the Clubhouse and Pool area olive trees. Please stay aware and safe when coming into contact with the tree trimmers And the area they are working in. Thank you...

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Gate Remote Updates

Hello all, We are having our Front gate and RV storage gate updated. This update will allow us to keep better track Of the entries/exit to our park. We will need you to come in with all your remotes and let the office get a copy of the numbers on the back. We have...

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EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR RIVERVIEW RV RESIDENTS ONLY- Premium Plan $35 a month normally $65 (with this package you can stream 2 TV’s & use your phone and computer 35 megs up/ 7 megs down). Your rate of $35 is locked in as long as you are a customer. The wifi modem is...

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Mohave Electric Company will be installing fiber optic cable in all lots at Riverview starting in April. They will be digging the lines from the nearest transformer box to every meter at Riverview. On Tuesday, March 9th at 10am Mohave Electric will give a presentation...

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Please be sure to fill out an exit form if you are leaving for the summer. This is in case we have to contact you while you’re away.