Hello all,

The meeting with TWN was today. They will be doing what is called micro-trenching down our streets. TWN will be entering your properties from the street not the back yard like once thought.

They will micro-trench 18" down and go under the gutter and side walk to place a vault. One vault will serve two lots. You will be seeing a train of heavy equipment coming down the streets. It could be a little loud they stated. Hours of operation will be Monday-Friday for the heavy equipment and Saturday to set vaults. 6am -5pm. No work on Sunday.

We will start this project mid-May and hopefully be done mid October. TWN is bring in two crews to get us done in a timely manner. If it gets close to October and we are not getting close to the end TWN will bring in a third crew to complete the job on time.

This is the digging part of the fiber optic service.

They will be taking pictures of every lot before they dig and will leaving the lot the same as the picture. They will make every effort to look like they where never there.