Hello all,

I did not give a Redmond/Grand room update last week.

The floor, stage and stairs are being sanded this week. The main doors have been installed, block has been painted. Wall in the library has been drywalled, textured and painted. Library is complete.

We found a circuit board on the AC unit in the kitchen had melted in the fire. We had to wait for power to be restored to that unit to see if it still worked, no would be the answer. We signed a change order for that to get repaired.

The "make up air" on the kitchen side (that the firemen chopped through) also needs repair. We have signed a change order for that.

I am working with WASH to return all the washers and dryers. We will need these in place for the final inspection.

All fabrics still need to be cleaned.

APO still needs to finish hooking up the AC in laundry. and a few other things.

Tri-state Wi-Fi is in the Grand room getting the signal up and running. This signal will give the Grand room , sun room and pool Wi-Fi.