Hello all,

This update comes directly from Redmond

Here is the latest update for the work being done at the Clubhouse for Riverview RV.

1. Doors for the Kitchen & Grandroom (7′ as approved by Board) have been ordered with an ETA of 12/14, they are scheduled to be delivered onsite 12/15. Depending on delivery time on 12/15 – we may install same day. If delivery is too late in the afternoon, we will be out 12/19 to install the doors.

2. We are waiting for scheduling from APO to finish the lighting in the Kitchen. With the Change Order that was signed on Friday 12/2 – the lighting above the Stage, will be ordered and placed on the schedule once material has arrived.

3. The block around the door is in stock and will be picked up once the doors are installed. Pending door install on 12/19, tentative block schedule will start 12/20.

Please keep in mind that all of the above is a tentative schedule pending material availability & delivery.