Hello All,

A friendly reminder.

We are having the gate system and our clickers updated. We have asked you to bring your clicker in

To the office so we can get your code off clicker and give it to gate company so the transition is seamless.

A lot of you have done this. Thank you

The gate company is still seeing unauthorized clickers coming through. What that means is the “unauthorized”

Clicker has not been updated in the system.

Only the front gate will let an old (Unauthorized) clicker in starting 3/14/22. No other gate will recognize the

Old (unauthorized) clicker. If this happens to you, the clicker will need to updated. Just bring it in to the office

And we will get you rolling again.

On 3/28/22 the old system will no longer work. The new system will be taking over.

If you have not had your clicker updated by then you will need to see the front gate safety officers to let you in.

Thank you




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