Appointment to the Board of Directors

Appointment to the Board of Directors Your letter requesting to be appointed to the Board of Directors should state the following: 1. Your Name, Lot number, Phone number and Email address. 2. Your reasons for wanting to serve on the Board of Directors 3. Any...


I apologize for the inconvenience Epcore is here again for their annual water testing. And we will unfortunately have to have the water temporarily shut off on Thursday August 2nd from 7:30am-10:00am


The laundry machine provider is preparing to install a new device into their machines that would allow a user to use an app on their phone to pay to do their laundry. I’m not 100% sure of how this would work, but I do believe it would be linked to either a...


Summer time is here and so are the water leaks. If you see or know about a water leak, please notify the office immediately. We would rather have several reports about a water leak than none at all.